Thursday, February 11, 2010

13 week genetics screening

Yesterday I had my 13 week appointment at Toledo Hospital to get my first trimester screen done. During this appointment they checked for three things: 1. Make sure there is a bone in the baby's nose (via ultrasound) 2. Check the skin on the back of it's neck (via ultrasound) 3. Prick my finger and drop 5 drops of blood on a piece of paper (it's a little bit more technical than this, but you get it). Oh the amazing things they can do nowadays!
Due to the weather, Jeremy was off work and was able to make my appointment with me. So first we went back to get an ultrasound. The tech immediately commented on my long uterus "that you skinny girls have" (that was nice to hear) making her job more difficult. She was only joking, know that we loved this woman! It doesn't mean anything to me or the baby, just that I might not get as huge as other pregnant women. I also found out that I am "VERY fertile" from the looks of my ovaries (very good to know for future birth control methods). The baby must have been sleeping at first so the tech pushed on my belly a little bit with the wand, and wow that woke it up!! From there we saw the bone in it's nose, and skin on it's neck, all great signs. As the tech checked out more we saw the baby flip from back to tummy, lift its hands all around, and suck it's thumb. It was amazing to see how much bigger it got since I had seen it last. While we were watching I asked if she thought I would be able to find out the sex at my 16 week appointment. She said "probably depending on the type of ultrasound you have. Why, do you guys want to find out?" To which I replied "oh yes, I think it is going to be a boy, he thinks it will be a girl." And then, surprisingly she told us,"well I have to say I think it is going to be a boy because look here." and there she showed us the beginning of a little pickle :) We are having a boy again!! It is still very early to tell, but most likely that is what we will be having! A mother is always right ;). After the ultrasound I met with the MFM (high risk) doc and he said all looks good, and gave me some further restrictions in the pregnancy just to be safe. We then went on to meet with the genetics specialist to get my finger pricked and squeezed. So so far everything looks good for our baby boy :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feeling Better, Finally!

12 weeks in and I am doing great! I am getting my energy back and the nausea is subsiding, which is an amazing feeling. I had another doctor's appointment today with my ob, and my mom and I were able to hear the baby's heartbeat. It seemed like it took forever to find, but thankfully we heard the pitter-patter of a wonderful baby.

The doctor discussed with me that the high risk doctor believes that I will need to have a c-section for this pregnancy and all subsequent pregnancies due to the prematurity of my uterus and the location of my incision when I had Brody. This wasn't a huge upset to me, a part of me is disappointed that I will never get to deliver a baby the good old fashion way, but another part of me is relieved that I won't run the risk of another abruption. It seems like we are shooting for the first week in August for delivery. Once it gets closer to picking out an actual date, I will hopefully be persuading my doctor to deliver on the 9th (8-9-10...sweet huh?). Ultimately my doctor hopes that I make it that long. He says he will be relieved when I make it to 8 months. We will likely be bringing home a preemie, but not a baby that needs to be in the NICU. Not a big surprise.

So here is what to come: next week I meet back with the high risk doctor for an ultrasound and a first trimester screening (more blood tests!). In a month I meet back with my ob for another ultrasound and to check my cervix. Many women that pprom have an incompetent cervix, so they will check mine regularly to make sure it is good and closed! I will be 16 weeks at this point so there is the possibility that we will be able to find out the sex, yaaay! The nurse told me that it is very hard to tell at this point, but "sometimes you can see a little pickle." I will also be getting the quad screen blood test at this appointment. From there I will have another 20 week ultrasound (hopefully with plenty of fluid) at my ob's office and a 22 week ultrasound with the high risk doctor- and hopefully, if all goes smoothly, that is the last I will meet with him.

I am 12 weeks now, which is greatly reassuring, but somewhat terrifying. It was this week in my last pregnancy that I ended up in the ER due to massive bleeding. I will be very happy when this week is over :)