Monday, June 6, 2011

10 months!

Every month I go to type these and every month I think “ohhh my goodness what a month!” It is so crazy how fast kids grow, how much they change in a month, and how much more FUN it gets as time goes on. Every month I type these and every month I wish I would have said more, expressed more about how much I love this kid, and how much he means to me. He's amazing, just thought you should know that!

Now on to the fun stuff :) Max started walking this past month! Now he is not full-on walking all over the house, but hes definitely taking 4-5 steps on his own at a time. The first time he did it I was sitting on the floor, talking to my sister on the phone, when out of nowhere Max decided to let go of the couch and walk to me! I freaked out and started cheering and he started laughing. Hes a weird kid and will only perform his “tricks” when I'm not really paying attention. The minute I get excited, try to encourage him, he stops and doesn't care. Positive reinforcement is not his thing I guess!

Aside from working his little legs out, Max seems to love 3 things: basketball, dog food, and water. An odd combination, right? He really likes any kind of basketball- a rubber basketball, a plastic one, a foam one, or a stuffed one. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it is a basketball- and he CAN tell the difference between a basketball and a baseball or soccerball. He knows whats up ;). Sometimes I tell myself, “wow hes definitely going to be a baller some day, he loves basketball” but then I realize he also is obsessed with the dog's food, so what entirely does that mean? Haha. But really, I feel terrible for my dogs. I have to deprive them of food and water at some points during the day because Max will pour out the food, spread it all over the room and then splash in their water. Once hes fixated on it- game over! This leads me to his next interest- water. He will get it wherever he can! Pools, dog water, toilets, watering cans, wherever he can find it. This month we finished up his “water wonders” class which I think really sparked his interest in the first place. When we went to visit Jeremy in Charleston, everyone around commented on how Max was such a water bug.

While we are on the topic of Charleston... Most of you know, I have a husband that works out of town a mass majority of the time. From the time Max was born he was working out of town during the week, and was home on the weekends. At the beginning of May he left to work in Charleston for 6 weeks, so Max and I decided to visit this past week. Our trip was AMAZING! The flight down was wonderful. I sat next to an older woman named Kay that held Max, cuddled him, and helped me out a ton. When we got off the plane I was complimented by at least 5 different people, telling my how wonderful my child was on the plane. People love a quiet baby on an airplane! We got to South Carolina, and immediately Max was all about his daddy. Jeremy carried him everywhere and they were best buddies. We were able to go to the beach, and Max LOVED it. He would scoop the sand up with his hands and dump it out, ride and climb on boogie boards, and crawl all through the ocean water. We also swam in the pool, went on walks, and were visited by auntie Heather. The flight back didn't go as well. Max still was amazing...but I had to sit next to a 6'8” man, and was crammed by the window with no help. But all-in-all it was an amazing trip!

So there are a few things Max doesn't like so much. I think the main thing is being in a stroller. What kid doesn't like walks? Oh mine! Inevitably he finds a way to squirm around, stand up and ride backwards. He does the same thing in a grocery cart. I even got told that I needed to make my kid sit while shopping at Walmart! Have you seen some of the stuff that goes on at Walmart?! Needless to say, I try avoiding that place at all costs now, and thanks to amazon, its fairly easy :)

All-in-all Max is all about the go go go right now, and while it can be tough at times, I enjoy the work out. After all, Max wont let me take walks! See you next month :)