Thursday, May 5, 2011

9 months!

So I think this month I'm just going to type, as opposed to the little sections I usually write about. It's more my style ;) This past month with Max has probably been my favorite so far. Each month is so new and exciting, but its so much fun to see his personality grow every day. Jeremy's boys are starting to become more interested in him now, so they are able to play with him and entertain him while I cook dinner/ clean/ do laundry. In fact, Max seems to be a huge fan of Layne. He smiles and screeches when Layne comes into the room, walks to his chair and pulls up on his legs, and follows him out of the room to be where he is. Its so cute to watch!

One of Max's stellar accomplishments goes to the fact that he pees in the potty!! He does not go every time, and he isn't able to tell me that he has to go, but 2-3 times a day he is able to pee on the potty. Usually this comes after naps, when he wakes up I sit his down and he is able to go. Its very exciting and I'm hoping we can kick start potty training early!! Max seems to hate diapers as much as I do, so that is a start.

Max seems to be in everything lately. My brother in law has nicknamed him “silent assassin” because hes pretty stealthy in his crawling and can get across a room quick and silently. He usually navigates towards 4 things: 1- Me! When tired or hungry, the little guy will crawl to me, say “muhm” and pull up on my legs, but lets be real- this isn't a big shocker. 2- Paper. Max seems to find paper EVERYWHERE! Its like a magnetic attraction to him, and always ends up in his mouth. 3- Toilets. I'm not sure if its just my child, but Max seems to love pulling up on toilets and sticking his hands in the water. Yeah, gross I know! I learned my lesson quick, and started putting the lids down constantly, to which he now is learning how to lift the lids and flush the toilet. This kid keeps me on my toes alright! And lastly, 4- Stairs. Max love to climb stairs. We have a gate with a door at the bottom up the steps to keep him from climbing up. I tend to not lock the gate door because its just easier to swing open when I'm constantly running up and down the steps doing things. This last week Max has learned how to swing the door open towards himself, sneak through, and head up the steps. Again, this kid keeps me on my toes, and makes sure I use baby equipment to its actual potential, haha.

I think my favorite time with Max is when we play. We dance, play peek-a-boo, chase the dogs, jump all around, and bang on everything. We have so much fun together, I love every minute of it! His laugh is infectious as well as his smile!

Max is starting to try out more and more solid foods, to which I'm learning to just stick with basic foods, nothing with spice. Anything too complex, and he gets a rash on his tummy and back. Hopefully this will all go away when he hits a year. He seems to really enjoy bananas now more than anything, he ate a half of one last week! And yes, I am still nursing. I have decided to go until he hits a year. I am in the smallest size I have ever been in, and I eat massive amounts of food. Nursing is the best diet ever! My child is getting the very best, for FREE, and I am able to eat a lot and lose weight- act like your not jealous.

Max is so close to walking, hes perfecting his skills daily, and I think he probably could if he wasn't so cautious. Once he realizes someone let go of his hands, or there is nothing to hold on to, he will very gently bend his knees and sit down. He has stood for quite a bit of time, but again he would rather sit or hold on to something. We have started walking together where he only holds one of my hands, and hes getting pretty good at it. Soon he will be there, and he will be into even more things!

Last Sunday Max was able to “walk” with us for March of Dimes! To all those who donated, thank you SO SO SO much! It meant the world to us to be able to walk with our baby this year. Some day Max will know why we walk, and will know about Brody and why he will forever have a place in our hearts.