Saturday, April 11, 2009

Doubly Blessed

Blissfully ignorant. It is a phrase that I have used before to describe how the majority of women go through pregnancies. That is how I was until 21 weeks pregnant. I still stuggle when I see pregnant women, or women with infants. To me, they don't even realize what a precious gift they have. BUT today I found out of an amazing couple that finally got their precious gift, twice.

As rare as pProm is, my cousin Marc's wife Wynn also suffered from this condition while pregnant with their son Owen. Unfortunately he only lived for five hours, but this broadened my mother's knowledge of the condition, which in the end, helped me realize that I did NOT have to terminate Brody.

After losing Owen, Marc and Wynn decided to adopt. Along the road they suffered many different dissapointments. Times when they thought they would bring a baby home, circumstances prohibited this. FINALLY they were just blessed to adopt twins :) They now have a boy and a girl at home, which I know they will cherish more than anything. I cant imagine what that feels like to finally have a breathing, crying, hungry child of my own to hold in my arms- they must be ecstatic!

Anyways, I felt I should share this. I couldn't be happier for Marc and Wynn and their two new blessings they finally got to bring home.

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