Monday, April 19, 2010

23 weeks

Today I had my highly anticipated ultrasound and consultation with my high risk doctor. Right away we did find out that this baby is certainly a boy! This was an extremely detailed ultrasound, lasting about an neck was very sore when it was over from turning my head to watch- but it was so worth it! My mom and I did eat before to get the little guy moving around, and I even walked on the wild side and had an ice tea with my meal! He was very wiggly, it was so cute. He measured 23weeks 0 days...which is exactly where he should be. Heartbeat was 146 bpm, lots of amniotic fluid, he has both kidneys, a bladder, and an amazingly adorable profile :). Everything on him is perfect!

So here is the down side: This hopefully will be no big deal, but there seems to be a decrease of blood flow from the placenta to the baby (im pretty sure thats what it is...i know it has to do with decreased blood flow) This puts me at MODERATE risk for pre-eclampsia or for the baby to slow down growth. So I am getting ultrasounds every 4 weeks from here on out to make sure hes measuring up to size (which he is now, woot woot), and then I am having some sort of stress test later on. So here are the negatives- IF I develop pre-eclampsia the ONLY solution is delivering the placenta, which means the baby will need to be delivered too. If you watch 19 kids and counting- this is why the mom had to deliver early. The good news is that baby asprin helps reduce my risk for this, and I have been on that since 9 weeks. Also, I am just at moderate risk, which means I might have problems but its not for certain...the high risk doctor isn't concerned enough to see me again, so I'll take it!!

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