Monday, December 6, 2010

4 Months!

Ahh yes, so I said I wouldnt post pics of Max on my blog. But hes simply adorably, so I had to :)

Current weight: 15 lbs 9 oz

Length: 26 1/2 inches

Likes: Max loves to look at himself in the mirror. I think of all the people he looks at, he gets most excited at his own reflection. If I ever want to get a huge smile out of the little guy, I always put him in from of the mirror. He also really enjoys baths. He splashes and splashes an
d giggles and coos every bath, its simply adorable! Max also enjoys having his clothes off. I think this is partly why he loves baths so much, too. Every time I go to change him get get a huge grin because he gets to be partly naked, and when the clothes go back on he tends to fuss a little. He also really loves it when I lay on my back, bring my knees to my chest, and lay him on my shins. This gives me a great ab workout as well! Lastly, I think more than anything, Max loves to watch any kind of action. He has to be sitting up at all times looking around at whats going on. "Hes very alert" is a phrase uttered by 95% of the people that hold him.

Dislikes: Being hungry. Max really only fusses when hes hungry- the boy likes to eat!!

Sleeping habits: Bedtime tends to fall between 8:30-9. He wakes up around 4:30, then hes back to sleep anywhere from 5:30-7. He naps around 8, 11, and 3 every day as well. He unfortunately gotten into the bad habit of nursing himself to sleep for naps and bedtime....a habit that I hope to be broke soon.
Eating: Still mommy's milk! Soon I am going to introduce him to cereal. I just want to talk it over with the pediatrician at next week's appointment.

What he has learned: To roll over! At 16 weeks he rolled from tummy to back. Hes very close to rolling over from back to tummy, but his arm gets stuck in the way. He has also learned to grab many things. He also began laughing this month, which is such a cool thing to hear!

What I have learned: I have learned that nursing really does help you lose weight! I am now 5 pounds under my pre-baby weight, which actually was my goal weight. I hope and plan to lost 5 more now, its just soooo nice to have a wardrobe back again!

Life with Max in it is simply amazing. I think its so awesome to watch him grow, be his mom, and show him love. He is such a precious little guy and I just adore him. He has exceeded all expectations of what life would be like with a child in it (now if only he could fulfill my dreams for him to play in the nba someday, lol). I'm not sure if it was the massive amounts of prayers said for him during my pregnancy, but I really feel so lucky to have such a wonderful and completely adorable baby :)

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