Tuesday, April 5, 2011

8 months!

Current weight: 18lbs 5oz

Length: ? in

What a fun month! I would have to say this is my favorite so far. Max's personality is really shining through, and hes able to do so much more on his own. He even got two teeth this last month! Just one step closer to being a little man, sigh....

What he has learned: I'm moving this section to the top, because many of his “likes” are things he has learned. Max is now crawling all over the place! One night I stripped him down in his room to get ready for a bath. The second he was naked, the kid took off! I was so excited, I started shouting, and Jeremy ran upstairs. The first place he crawled? Out his bedroom right into the bathroom, haha! He eventually stopped, sat down, turned around and looked at us. We just started clapping away at him! The next night he picked up on our clapping, and every time he crawled he would stop, sit and start clapping- very cute!! Max is also an expert now on pulling himself up to things. Anything and everything he pulls up on from tables and couches to cardboard boxes and laundry baskets. This has resulted in a few tumbles, but nothing major! After perfecting how to pull himself up, Max then began walking along furniture. At first he could only walk from left to right (which was funny if something got in this way) but now hes super mobile, walking from one object to the next and even using a little stroller thing to wheel himself along. It wont be long until hes walking!!

Likes: Oh how his likes have changed! (other than me of course, lol) Max LOVES the water. He has always liked bath time a lot, splashing around and all, but all of the sudden he started acting like it was horrible. He wouldn't cry by any means, but I could definitely tell something was up. Turns out Max was allergic to the soap and lotion I was using on him! Once I switched brands, and Max realized I wasn't going to put things on his skin that burned him, he went back to loving baths more than ever. We are now into a routine where ever night I get him naked, he crawls into the bathroom, pulls himself up and stands at the tub. So every night I let him play in the water, splash around and have fun. Max is also in a water wonders class for babies at the health center on Saturdays. Hes went once, and had a blast; we are very excited to go back! Max also loves his Leapfrog Learn and Groove table. He loves pushing all the buttons and making sounds- he could stand at this thing all day! Another big “like” is walking around while I hold his hands. He loves being mobile and going where he wants, and he much prefers walking to crawling. His favorite thing is to chase Peanut around while I say “lets get peanut!” he cracks up so hard.

Dislikes: Now that hes so mobile, Max does not like to be held back and restricted. I think this could possibly be one reason why he hates his diaper so much. He never pulls at it, but if hes been naked for a while and I make his put one on, ohhh boy its a struggle! This new-found dislike for restriction has also make him dislike his jumperoo. He jumps in it every once and a while, but not nearly as much as he used to!

Sleeping habits: I thank God for the time change every morning though! When the time changed, Max's biological clock didn't, so I am no longer waking up at 6 am every morning- its more like 7:30. This has made me a much more pleasant person. Well that, and the fact that I am now drinking coffee again (half caff to all you haters that know I'm still nursing). Hes in bed by 8 every night and wakes up about twice. Hes was sick last week so I returned him to his swing so he could sleep more upright- his naps are now a solid 2 hours instead of 45 mins, so this is wonderful!

Eating: Still no formula for this little guy! Hes only a fan of the “orange” veggies- sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, and carrots. As far a fruits go, apples and blueberries all the way! This last month I have discovered Max is allergic to salmon and kiwi, both of which we will try again at a year.

What I have learned: Sometimes its not the best to buy ahead! When I was pregnant I stocked up on baby supplies. I got a boatload of bath stuff along with diapers for about his first year. The lotions and soaps will now go to my sister and her new addition. When I discovered Max was allergic to his lotion, I was a bit worried he might be allergic to the scent on his diapers as well. Thank goodness hes not, or I would have had to throw out a boatload of pampers! Another reason I'm a little sad I bought diapers all ahead of time is that I still have to use all the huggies I bought. I am NOT a fan of huggies and all their bulk, but oh well. Ultimately I am glad I have never had to make a diaper run yet in 8 months.

Just when I think life can't get any better with Max, it does. I am loving every minute of it! I am SO excited to get this little guy up to the lake, out on the boat, and splashing in the water in the next few months :)

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Denise said...

Don't feel at all guilt about caffeine! Some research and studies have shown that when nursing, some caffeine can reduce the risk of SIDS :) Of course, you don't want to overdo it because obviously it goes to baby too and last thing you want is a baby all hopped up on too much coffee and soda!