Wednesday, July 6, 2011

11 months old!

Throughout each day Max does something funny or learns something new and I think “ok I am definitely putting that in the blog.” Then I sit down, start typing and go completely blank. So I'm hoping I remember at least most of it!

This past month Max went from taking a few steps at a time to full on walking everywhere. I really thought that when he figured out how to take a few steps when he was 9 months old that he would just be walking like crazy in a few days time. That really wasn't the case. It was about a month where he would only take 5 steps at a time, then when Jeremy came home from South Carolina he made the decision to walk full time evvvvvverrrrrrryyyyywhere (thats my exaggerated voice, lol). It's SO nice to be able to set him down on the ground and he can just stand there. We have tried putting his crocs on, but he refuses to even stand in them. So he will continue to have jiffy feet for the next month or so.

I would have to say Max's favorite thing in the world is basketball. I bought him a little basketball from walmart a month or so ago and we play with it for about 4-5 hours a day. We sit across from each other bouncing the ball back and forth, he smacks it trying to dribble, and bounces it with two hands. Hes actually quite a little baller- but he better be as much as he plays!! “Ball” is actually his first word too (other than mama and dada which I don't really count). Every morning he wakes up, and immediately starts talking about “ball.” He comes downstairs looks around for it and starts bouncing it. If I would have to guess, he says “ball” probably 150 times a day.

Max also likes to sit on a step or stool and stand up and sit down over and over and over again. He loves it! He also likes when I turn the laundry basket upside down in front of an open window. He bangs on the screen and watched the people playing basketball across the street.

As much as I LOVE this age, I really hate meal times. Max will always grab the spoon to feed himself, rub it all over his head and then throw it on the ground when hes done. I'm just thankful I have dogs that like to clean up his messes. He does love the organic food pouches of baby food and yogurt. Hes starting to grow tired of baby oatmeal- which is kind of good because I only have about 2 more weeks of pumped milk left to mix in. I did get blueberries and tomatoes from the farmers market that he really enjoyed. I also picked up peaches and we will try those tonight.

I really enjoy each day more and more with Max. It continually gets more fun as each day passes. As much as I really love each second with Max to the fullest, I'm not 100% sure I want to go back through and start over again with another baby. My mind may change some day, but as of now I'm happy with one. NO I'm not pregnant if you read my sister's post on facebook. We were in a little prank war and that's how she got me back. I thought it was pretty good!

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