Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Staying inside to avoid the chilly weather...

I am very excited to get past February...the anticipation of the events in the month was almost worse than the actual days I was dreading. I got past Brody's estimated due date by visiting his grave, spending time with Lindsay, and making a cake. I know to some, making a cake for your child that has passed seems a little morbid...just be happy you can be on the other side of it. Like one of my pprom sisters likes to say...."blissfully ignorant." I am so blessed to even hold Brody, so I decided to celebrate his life with a cake.
I am not sure if any of you watched Extreme Home Makeover this past Sunday, May 1st, but it was simply amazing. It focused on a family where the mother took pictures of preemie babies with their families right after being born. Some babies were alive, some had passed, and some passed shortly after her photos. It really hit SO close to home, Jeremy and I cried the entire episode. It is nice that the world is able to see a little bit of what we went through, and how much we cherish our pictures with Brody. To watch the Augustin Family's full episode online go to
http://fep.abc.go.com/fep/player?src=abccomjs&show=92244&pn=index This is a truly amazing episode, and I encourage you to watch it!
As far as everything else, it is going good! Wedding plans are going along great. Save the date- June 27th! I want to apologize to those who are not invited in advance, there is just no possible place to put everyone we want at the lake. Therefore, it is going to be mainly family invited, and no children. I know this will mean many people will not come if their children cannot come, but we just do not have the room. I had to make the choice to either have 75 people come to my wedding, or I could let 30 people come with their children. Obviously I love kids, it is just that we absolutely have no room for them at the lake. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
Also, I want to thank the people that have sponsored our March of Dimes walk so far. You are truly some amazing people! If you havent, you still have time! Check out my post below for more info.

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