Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Date has Been Set (probably)

So today I had my 2 week appointment with my doctor. My doctor said that I am getting to that point now where we can go ahead and schedule a c-section. He thought the 5th would be a good day, to which I replied "how about the 9th, I reeeeeally want the 9th." Of course he asked me the significance of this date, and I explained to him how I thought 8-9-10 for a birthday would be pretty sweet. He wasn't in surgery that day, but is going to get me in first thing that Monday morning at 8 am....and maybe even deliver at 8:09 am. Very cool!! On the other hand, he said he HIGHLY doubts that I will make it that far, that more than likely I will be delivering mid-July which is only 6 weeks away!! He says he feels completely comfortable with me delivering at 8 months, but as long as nothing is wrong we will stick it out until August 9th and keep little Max baking as long as possible. I am really fine with anything at this point. I just want a healthy little baby in my arms before the summer's end. My doc also wants my monthly ultrasounds done over at MFM at Toledo due to their amazing equiptment so I will be over there in a few weeks, and hopefully seeing a 3d scan of him. Jeremy is all about seeing his little boy via 3d ultrasound, so hopefully he will be around to check it out too!

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Heather Bennett said...

Love to hear it babe! :) Keep him bakin' in that oven as long as you can! I think 8-9-10 would be pretty sweet!! :) Praying for you and thinking of you! Can't wait to see 3D pictures!