Thursday, June 17, 2010

31 week ultrasound update

Since the high risk doctor found me at moderate risk for pre eclampsia a few months back, he has wanted me to go in monthy for ultrasounds to check blood flow and birth weight. Yesterday Jeremy and I went in to check out Max on the ultrasound- and it was simply amazing.
We arrived bright and early to MFM at Toledo Hospital, and when we got called back the tech asked us if we knew the sex. We told her we have known for quite some time that it was a boy, and within seconds she found his "pickle" and said "whoa! that is definitely a boy!" There was Max, legs spread, proudly showing off his business, and it was funny. We then saw his foot, and she was so amazed it was so big, and told us we were going to have one big baby boy by the size of his feet:) She then went on to check blood flow into the brain, and through the umbilical chord. Everything was pumping good, although the chord was very hard to get a read on because Max was wiggling so much. Next she took measurements of legs, arms, belly, and head to get a read on how much the little guy weighs. Up until this ultrasound I was pretty much a pro. After about 100 ultrasounds in the past 2 years, I have been able to tell what everything is they are looking at and checking for. But this was my first ultrasound seeing a baby bigger than 26 weeks old, and its crazy how many more questions I asked this time around. I am very interested, and I want to know everything they are looking at, checking for, and if there is something that doesn't seem quite right. The Toledo techs tell me everything- which I love....the tech's at St. V's never told me anything because only the doctor was allowed to talk to me. I then asked to see if they could get some 3d images of the little guy. He was in a pretty good position so she went for it. Wow these were amazing!! Toledo Hospital has some of the best machines around, and the images were so clear. It was so fascinating watching him move his little hand up and down and wiggle. I laid there with the biggest smile on my face, just so thankful for this little miracle (while also making "oooohs and aaaaahs like most do when watching fireworks).
So here are the stats: Max had a heartbeat of 156 bpm and weighed in at 3 pounds 15 possibly by today hes 4 pounds! I was 31 weeks 2 days gestation going in and measured at 32 weeks exactly. This was so great to hear since the high risk doc thought he was going to struggle to keep up with his weight from the lack of blood flow. But all looks wonderful!!
As far as me and how I am feeling: I no longer have any back pain and I have been feeling pretty good! My only complaint now is that my feet hurt alll the time, and I think a huge factor for that is that I primarily wear flip flops which dont provide much comfort. Its not horrible, but a good excuse to stay seated :)

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