Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another week closer...

Today I went in for one of my 2 week appointments with my ob. Due to my recent ultrasounds my due date is now August 12...which means I scheduled my c-section for a mere 3 days before I should deliver. I am definitely cutting it close, which means I am somewhat expecting to deliver before the 9th. I am really ready for him to come anytime after the middle of July, though. A part of me thinks that the longer hes in there cooking, the better...and I have been waiting over a year and a half to hold my very own living, breathing child in my arms- what difference does a few weeks make? The other half of me worries about the chord wrapping around his neck, another placental abruption, or a car accident and if I could just get him here (after lungs are mature- of course) then I would know hes ok.

Ultimately I believe that any possibility of this little guy not making it was eliminated a long time ago. I truly believe I have an amazing doctor who thankfully caught my MTHFR and put me on the proper meds from the very beginning. While there is no proof that MTHFR and PPROM are linked, I believe completely that that is the reason I had problems with my pregnancy with Brody. Someday after I win the megamillions I will fund some sort of research on PPROM ;)

As far as future appointments go, heres the rundown: In two weeks I'll be back to my OB for another 2 week check and NST (Non stress test). From what I understand this is where I will be hooked up to 2 monitors to measure for contractions and the baby's heart rate for about 20 minutes. From there on out I will be in for weekly appointments and will also get the NST every week as well. I will also have one last ultrasound on July 15th to check amniotic fluid and development and make sure hes moving like he should be. I agree completely with my doc when he said today "hopefully we are doing all of this for nothing." We are getting close to the end, I cannot begin to thank all of you enough for all your support and encouragement through this entire process.

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