Tuesday, July 13, 2010

35 weeks/NST

Since I have an ultrasound and will be updating again on Thursday I will make this pretty short. I went in today for another weekly Non Stress Test and OB appointment. Last week they told me to eat right before to increase fetal movement, so I took that as an opportunity to enjoy my all time favorite breakfast: a cinnamon crunch bagel with raspberry cream cheese from Panara Bread- yummm! The entire trip there Max was wiggling all around, and then I ate and I think he fell asleep because he did not want to move for anything. The first 15 mins of my NST Max moved one time, and since they like to see at least two movements with accelerated heart rates, they had to make Max move. The nurse did this by putting a little buzzer on my tummy, and WOW did Max jump! It was so funny and cute to see my whole tummy move, and it made him even that more real. There was one point when he wiggled away from the monitor and the nurse had to gently put her hand on it to pick up his heartbeat- just like Brody made the nurses at St V's do...it put a smile on my face to hear her talk about how he was ornery and wanted special attention, it brought back a lot of memories of my "Dennis the Menace" 20 months ago.
I then had my tummy check and all looked well. I did lose 5 pounds since last week...I think a lot of my swelling has gone down which helped attribute to this weight loss. My doctor says "just because hes scheduled for August 5th doesnt mean he knows that, he might want to come sooner." Lets just hope he waits till Jeremy gets home!

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