Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last Post Before Max Arrives!

In less than two days I will be holding my baby boy, and I have never been more excited, happy, and nervous in my entire life. Even with a big, protruding belly, it almost seems unrealistic to me that Max will be here so soon. It feels like we have waited SO long to bring home our baby, we are very blessed to get to this point with no complications. I am proud to say I never developed preeclampsia and Max made it through July when many people thought he wouldn't. Looking back on previous posts, I can see how far we have come, what we have been through, and what we have done just to get Max here safe. I am very scared, though. I really don't have a clue as to what to do when Max actually gets here, but I do know that a baby needs love, and I know I will be AMAZING at giving that to him :).

As far as visiting us in the hospital/home:
I will be delivering Max around 10 am on Thursday, and we ask that only immediate family come up to the hospital that day. Friday and Saturday all are welcome to all as long as you are feeling 100% well and aren't coming at the crack of dawn ;). We really do want to show him off and want people to hold him and love on him, we just want to make sure hes not overwhelmed or exposed to sickness as well. We should be home on Sunday and people are welcome to come to the house as well- just please let us know when you are planning on coming over, AND if you feel like bringing a meal we wouldnt stop you ;) lol.

I will probably be sending out a text on Thursday sometime with birth time, weight, and length and possibly a pic. If I dont have your number, and you want a text, send it to me on facebook or email it to me at
I also will NOT be putting any pictures up on this blog of Max, but I will be putting them up on facebook. I have various reasons for this, but if you are not on facebook and want to check him out, I will email some to you. Thanks for understanding!

Thank you so much to all those that have been a positive support system to Max and I throughout this entire pregnancy. We are finally here (in 40 hours)- how amazing!!

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