Friday, November 5, 2010

3 months!

Current weight: 13 lbs 12 oz

Length: 24 inches

Likes: "Dancing" Max really enjoys laying under his play mat, listening to the music play and kicking his arms and legs along with the beat. He also kind of bobs his body when rap music comes on...he gets that from him momma! Hes also a big fan of his bouncer (most of the time and in small doses). Hes got to have it on vibrate and he loves kicking the toys that dangle so he can hear the music...these songs now get stuck in my head when Im trying to fall asleep at night.

Dislikes: When his daddy talks really loud. Max barely fusses, but twice last month Jeremy was telling a story while holding Max, at one point in the story he was doing an impression and yelled a little. Max hated it, screamed and it took me a few minutes to calm him down.

Sleeping habits: I cant say enough about how amazing it is to have a routine! Max goes to bed at nine, wakes up at 2:30, and then again around 6. Hes usually up for good around 8, unless im subbing, then its 6. He naps at 9:30 and around 3, and also takes a short nap around 7. I did get really sick one night and the rest of the week he was the most horrific sleeper ever- he would wake up about every hour and not take any naps during the day, it was terrible, especially since I was trying to get better. Thankfully that didnt last.

Eating: Still breast milk. I have never been a huge advocate for breast feeding, because I wasnt sure I would be able to do it, and I think the formula that is made today is very good. My original reasons for deciding to breastfeed were that it was free, and I wanted to lose weight faster. (I have since determined that due to the massive amount that breastfed babies poop, the money you save all goes toward diapers.) This last month, however, has shown me that I made a terrific decision when deciding to nurse Max and heres why: When I got sick it was awful. I was up all night with diarrhea and vomiting. FOUR days after I was sick I felt great and decided to meet a friend for lunch, hang out with my sis, and attend my book club. I came in to contact with 10 people that day, and within two days, 8 of them had caught it. It spread like wildfire through their families and through daycare. BUT you know who didnt get it? Max! My three month old baby who has barely begun to develop an immune system did not catch it. This is all due to my milk. When I was sick my body was developing antibodies to fight the virus, these antibodies transferred through into my milk, but the virus did not, giving Max a strong advantage in fighting that crappy, super contagious illness. I also love the fact that I barely have to deal with bottles! And the bonding experience has been nothing but phenomenal.

What he has learned: Max's coordination has gotten much better in the last month. Hes very good at swatting at toys now. Hes also learned to put himself to sleep, and is getting much better at getting himself back to sleep when he makes up in the night. And just now (yeah I had to scroll up to add this) he discovered his feet!

What I have learned: Routine is critical! It has made my life so much easier when I began implementing a routine with Max. I have also learned that its impossible to please everyone with how you raise your child. Rarely does someone tell you your doing a great job, but so many (especially those mothers of multiple children) are very quick to judge that you are "too" attentive with your baby, or that you "spoil" them....and if you decide to back off someone is always there to tell you that your not doing enough. But thankfully I have a super easy baby, that rarely cries and is so full of love and smiles, that I feel as though I must be doing something right.

On a different note, next week will be Brody's two year angelversary. I can believe its been two years. Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about him, missed him, or talked to him. Processing my emotions this year is very hard because I miss Brody so much and wish he was here, but I also know that Max would never be here if Brody was here. I have never imagined them growing up together, so in that aspect, I am not sad. Max hears about Brody all the time, and in sometimes I think Brody visits Max. So in some ways, Max and Brody will have a stronger bond than they ever would have. I know thats an kind of an odd way of thinking about it, but it is what it is. I will probably post again more about this on the 12th.

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Monica said...

Im so happy for you Abby. Toby's first birthday that Sammy was born, was a strange, sad, and happy time. Like you said without Brody/Toby there would be no Max/Sammy. I want to tell you, you are doing a GREAT job as a Mommy! And as a Mommy of 4, you can never spend enough time, spoiling and loving babies. They are only babies for such a short while. (although they will always be our "babies") Sad for those "other" unspoiled ones :-)
<3 to you and Max!