Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Greetings from St. Vincents!

We have completed our first goal- make it long enough to get admitted into the hospital. Our next goal- stay stable until at least 27 weeks. Obviously 27 weeks isn't some magic week, but from the "research" that I have done, most babies make it through after 27 weeks. Nothing is promised, but I like setting these little goals to have something to work for. Alright so here is what went on today:
Jeremy and I arrived at Maternal Fetal Medicine to get an ultrasound to check the size of the baby and the fluid. Right now there is still no measureable amount of fluid (boo) but that was no new surprise. He currently weighs 1 lb 6 oz, give or take 3 ounces (right where he should be). That is big enough for me! I will be very excited when he reaches two pounds. They also checked the pressure of blood flowing through his chord, also very good (sometimes the chord collapses due to the lack or room and the pressure on the chord in the womb). He was moving all around, looking more precious than ever.
After MFM I was admitted into my new temporary home in labor and delivery. All the nurses were so amazing and told me that it is a miracle I haven't gone into labor yet. They informed me that we are fighters, so they are going to fight all they can along with us to help this baby. How wonderful! Initially I was supposed to be hooked up to a heart rate monitor for the baby and be checked every two hours for my temperature and blood pressure, but at this point we know nothing can be that easy. The baby is being very ornery right now and making it very hard to keep a steady heart rate on him. The doctors decided that instead of the constant monitoring, a nurse will come in every hour to check the baby's heart rate. So yes- I will be woken up every hour throughout the night. His heart rate is staying between 145-150, very good! (Some say if the heart rate is over 140, its a girl- remember that we don't know for sure if this is a boy!)
Despite that one little "issue" everything else has gone according to plan. I got my first steroid shot this morning, my first of two. This was somewhat unpleasant, but the nurses told me that these shots make the world of difference in these type of situations. These shots are an asset in the development of our baby's lungs. Unfortunately, there is nothing that they can do to help his digestive system, which apparently can be a whole new issue. But God won't give him anything he can't handle! I also am getting antibiotics through an IV every six hours for one hour at a time. Eventually I will take these orally, they just want to get it fully flushed into my system to start me out. Preventing infection is essential! So please, please, please do not come visit me if you feel ill or even have a stuffy nose. Thank you in advance :) I also have these cool little leg warmer looking things on my legs that constantly inflate and deflate with air. This prevents me from getting blood clots into my legs due to the fact that I am barely moving my legs through the day.
We also got a visit from the neonatologist in the NICU, where our baby will be staying after he is born. She was extremely nice, preparing us for all the complications the baby might have once he is born. She told us that most preemie babies are jaundiced, which is really no big deal when treated. There were also other things she told us that were easy to understand when she explained them, but too difficult (confusing, not emotionally) to explain. Know that pretty much everything if fixable over time! He will also get antibiotics once he is born and be fed through an IV because he will be too small to eat on his own.
Now, on to my information. I am at St. Vincent's in the labor and delivery wing room 701. There are no visiting hours, come as you please, but know that I will probably want you gone by 10 pm. Also, I am not technically supposed to use my cell phone, so you can call my room at 419-251-5370 if you want to call and check up on me. I really really really would love if you would come and visit me- as long as you are healthy! Alright well I think that is it, check back soon!!


Nancy Dolan said...

Hi Abby,

It sounds as if things are going well. Tell everyone to keep up the good work and rub the "munchkin" for me (sending good vibes). I thought I would come visit today, but I am afraid I am getting Cody's and Bralynn's cold. Not feeling the greatest and there is no way in the world I would want to come with germs. So, if my cold doesn't last too long, maybe I'll be able to visit during the weekend. I'll keep you posted and you keep me posted. Love you lots. Nancy

Valerie said...

I came upon your site by accident. But glad I did!! We are praying for you guys and the baby!!!! Keep up your positive attitudes!!!! So grateful you already accomplished one goal...making it to the hospital!!!!!
Valerie, Nick and Ashalyn Rice

Manda said...

Hey Abby,
Not sure if you remember me, but I used to be Amanda Wyse just recently changed to Brosious. I saw your story on Facebook and checked out your blog from there. I have been blogging for awhile now and love it!

I have been following the story of a mama who was told at 23 weeks that her baby would surely die of a heart defect, but with lots of prayers from over a million people all over the world her baby was born with a healthy heart just this morning!!

All of this to say that I will be keeping you in my prayers! Good luck with everything!

Lindsay McCulloch said...


I don't know if you remember me but my name is Lindsay McCulloch and we played basketball together A LOOOONNNNNGGG time ago...but anyways i came across your page on facebook and visited the blog site. I just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Miracles happen everyday...your little miracle is proof of that. Just stay strong and God will see you through this. Take care of yourself and your precious gift!
Lindsay, Don, Caleb and Mason