Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good News - Bad News

This is Abby's Mom, Tami. First of all...the good news. We are at 25 weeks today! Another little milestone but every day this little one is in utero is equal to 3 days in the NICU, so every day is a precious gift. Now for the bad news......Abby has had some heavy bleeding today and the Drs. have put her on total bed rest. This means she can no longer get up to use the bathroom or do anything for herself. She also has a hard time typing on the computer as she is in a reclined position so it is hard for her to update the blog, hence you may be hearing from me for a while. She is right here beside me so all messages are subject to her approval! She is really struggling with these changes and feels pretty down right now. We are still waiting for the Dr. to come in today and aren't sure what they're response to this bleeding will be. It is one thing they did not want to see. Last night the OB-GYN was in and told Abby that both he and the MFM Dr. felt that she would hang on for a while yet. Of course, that was before the bleeding started again today. We are still hoping for positive news! One other bit of good news, the nurse was in the other day to check the baby's heart rate and she could tell the baby had hiccups. That means the baby did swallow a little fluid in order for hiccups to occur. Abby is scheduled to have another ulltrasound on Monday or Tuesday, probably Tuesday. Hopefully we will see some small pockets of fluid. We so appreciate your prayers. Pray especially for the bleeding to stop and for Abby's spirits to be lifted. I'm not used to seeing this girl so down so if you can send some positive thoughts her way it would be great! She can still read the blog and her e-mail, it's just difficult for her to type. I'll do my best to keep you posted. I am supposed to fly to Florida on Tuesday to be with Abby's sister who is due to deliver her baby anyday. As you can imagine, it will be very hard for me to leave Abby. I'll do my best to keep you all informed, even if I am in Florida.


Beth Richards said...

We will all be praying!!! Thanks for the updates and keeping us informed. If we can do anything, let us know. Love ya!!!!

Dani said...

oh abby!! I'm praying my life away!!! I still feel that room 701 is special and will be good luck for you and the little one. You have so many prayers and so much support coming your way. You are loved! :) I will let you rest for the the remainder of today, and will call you tomorrow when I get home from internship. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are a tough cookie. I will continue to pray for your strength.

Nancy Dolan said...

Hi Abby,
It was sooooo good to see you today. I'm sorry that you are having such a rough time, but stay focused on all the people who love you. I will be checking in on you regularly, so you better be a good girl. Love, Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hello Abby and Tami,
I am praying for you both. Abby I love you so much and I want to call you right now but I think you would probably prefer to rest. It makes me so happy to know that God is watching over you and your baby and that you have sooo much support from all over. I love you!
Tami--Thank you so much for being such an amazing mommy to Abby and Ali. They are both going to amazing moms because they have learned from one of the best. Thank you for constantly being there for our Abbles.

alliedey said...

Yea! I finally figured out how to get my comments on your blog again! Abby stay positive hunny! I am sure it is so hard, I cant imagaine... you are so many people are praying for you have no idea, so many people you dont even know!! I hope that you can watch One Tree Hill in there! Haha!! If not I will tape them for you and send them up! Or I can write to you and tell you everything that happens! Would you love that?!!? Let me know! Oh and you can borrow my Buffy DVDs!! :) Stay strong hun...for little Dennis!! Haha! Love you so much and I am so sorry I cant be there! I would be in a second if I could!

Heather said...

Momma Bennett, Matt Bennett, Cooper and Molly Bennett and I are all praying hard. Thank you for typing for her Tami! I wish I could be there with you.