Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back to Stability

One of the problems with working with multiple doctors is that each is focusing on different issues with this pregnancy. What some doctors think is a big deal, others consider fairly normal. Yesterday some of the doctors were very worried when they saw my white blood cell count go up (white blood cells fight infection, so when your body produces more they can see that your body is working harder to fight infection), but I talked to one of the high risk doctors in MFM and he had a completely different outlook. He told me that it is extremely common for my white blood cell count to go up because I had just gotten steroids earlier in the week, he was actually suprised that my numbers weren't higher. I guess steriods make those number jump pretty high. This was a relief! He also said that contractions are fine at this point as long as they aren't regular, it is only natural for your body to have contractions after your water breaks. So right now they are just trying to flood me with an IV because if I ever become dehydrated the first thing that is effected is my uterus. When the uterus becomes dehydrated it cramps up, starting contractions. My OB doctor has also orded my blood to be taken every morning to test my white blood count on a daily basis. so far I have gotten my blood taken twice since my scare and my white blood count has dropped, which is great news. The nurses here have told me though that its going to be a fast process when this baby comes, it really could be any day- I'm just not ready for him yet!

ps- I should be an aunt any day now, Allie is due tomorrow!!


Nancy Dolan said...

No more scares, please. I'm way too old to handle this. :) Hopefully, the baby will decide he's nice and comfortable where he is and stay put for awhile. I'm saying lots of prayers. Love, Nancy

Heather said...

Whew! Thank goodness. Keep updating please!

Beth Richards said...

Hi Abby,
This blog is a good idea. Gram and I have been following it also. I got a Blackberry so now I have some internet access during the week. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are thankful for the better news today. If there is anything we can send, let us know. Love ya, Beth.

Tami said...

Abby -
I am so proud of you! You are fighting so hard to give this little guy the best chance possible. He's so blessed to have a Mommy and Daddy that love him so much!